Up your gifting game.
Penless MessageUsing Video

This unique messaging feature allows users to upload videos and photos to anything, so that gifting is even more memorable using the Penless app.

It's fun, simple and personal

From stickers to greeting cards, postcards, wine tags and bookmarks, we have your personal messaging product needs covered.

it Works
How it Works
  1. Scan your QR code
  2. Record your video
  3. Attach your message
  1. Scan your QR code
  2. Record your video
  3. Attach your message
Other Features
Bookmark your favorite stores for easy access to your personal electronic mall
Wish List
Build a wish list to share gift ideas with friends and family, and always get the perfect gift
Build a list of sizes to share with friends and family, and get a gift that fits just right
Idea Board
Collect photos of your favorite ideas from the web, on-the-go or from your photo albums
Stay Engaged
From brainstorming gift ideas to shopping your favorite online stores, we have features to help manage the gifting and shopping experience. Subscribe to our email list for updates.
I am consumer
I am retailer
Retailers and consumers stay just one click away while shopping and saving gift ideas using the Penless app.

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